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Introduction to Castlereagh Borough Council

The Borough of Castlereagh is part of the Belfast Metropolitan Urban Area, located 4.5 miles from Belfast and 11 miles from Lisburn City Centres. Castlereagh has a diverse landsacpe ranging from urban centres to small villages and hamlets dotted on the Castlereagh Hills countryside. this landscape is home to a total population of 66,000 residents and has something to offer everyone.

Castlereagh Borough Council also has a thriving business sector with over 1500 VAT registered businesses ranging from small micro-businesses into internationally renowed SME's.

Economic Development Section - About Us

Castlereagh Borough Council's Economic Development section offers one to one advice on projects with an economic outlook.

As well as the new Evolution Project, Castlereagh Borough Council's Economic Development Section is involved in other partnerships and engaged in a variety of projects as detailed below:


  • The Evolution Project - Currently collaborating with over 17 national and locally based business support organisations and educational establishments in delievring a new unique business support programme - the Evolution Project.
  • Lock Keepers Cottage and Visitors Centre - The Lock Keepers Cottage was featured in the BBC2 Restoration programme in 2004 and whilst it did not win, funding was secured for its restoration. The renovation of the cttage was completed September 2008, to coincide with the opening of the adjoining Lock Keeper's Visitor Centre. The area surrounding Lock No.3 is also being restored by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure and Lagan Valley Regional Park.
  • Hanwood Centre - The Hanwood Trust Company Limited is a community enterprise, which aims to provide essential social, community, economic and physical renewal, providing support, facilities and services to the local community. The project was set up in partnership with the local community who are its beneficiaries.
  • The NI Rural Development Programme (2007-2013) - Castlereagh, Lisburn and Belfast Council's have clustered to make a submission to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for Axis 3 of the NI Rural Development Programme. Funding will be made available for the following measures:

- Measure 1: Diversification into non agricultural activities.

- Measure 2: Business creation and development.

- Measure 3: Encouragement of tourism activities.

- Measure 4: Basic services for the economy and rural population.

- Measure 5: Village renewal and development.


  • The Evolution Project - Currently collaborating with over 17 national and locally based business support organisations and educational establishments in delievring a new unique business support programme - the Evolution Project.
  • COMET - A partnership of local authorities located within the Greater Belfast Metropolitan Area. The partnership is a vehicle for collaboration on a range of policy, social, economic and environmental issues.
  • ABC Committee - An initiative to "turn the tide" of manufacturing decline and job losses in the East Belfast tarvel to work area. Membership includes representation from three local authorities Ards, Belfast and Castlereagh as well as members from the business and education sectors.
  • Lagan Canal Trust - through this partnership public and voluntary sector organisations work together to achieve the necessary support, funding and implementation works to restore the Lagan Canal for navigation.
  • Lagan Valley Regional Park - The Lagan Valley Regional Park was founded in 1967 with the twin objectives of conserving the landscape features and promoting its enjoyment by the public.

Economic Development Section - Services

Business Development (Urban and Rural)

  • Business advice, support and funding audits.
  • Business palnning.
  • Business development programmes.
  • Business diversification.
  • New start business development.
  • location and industry analysis.
  • Statistical research.
  • Skills mentoring towards greater business efficiency.


  • Availability of funding.
  • Advice and direction on the completion of funding applications.
  • Cross-border funding.


  • Local statistics.
  • Community information.
  • News and events.
  • Property.


  • Urban regeneration projects.
  • Social Development projects.
  • Rural Diversification


  • Tourist Information
  • Devlopment programmes for tourism related businesses and projects.

Economic Development Section - Contact Details

For enquiries relating to Economic Development please contact:-

  • Colin McCabrey, Economic Development Manager Tel. 028-90494516 or email
  • Roger Warnock, Investment and Enterprise Development Officer Tel. 028-90494542 or email
  • Leo Cochrane, Grants Assistant Tel. 028-90937413 or email and
  • Business Support email
  • Economic Development Address - Civic and Administrative Offices, Bradford Court, Upper Galwally, Castlereagh, BT8 6RB. Tel. 028-90494500